Paruppu Kanji (Mung Bean Sweet Congee)

As promised, here is the recipe for the paruppu kanji that accompanies the sweet dosa. As this is normally fasting food, no rich ingredients such as cashews or cardamoms are added. As this dish (as well as the sweet dosa) contain no salt, they are ideal to break the fast on Vaikunta Ekadashi. This congee is very tasty, yet a very simple dish. It is normally sweetened with jaggery. However, since I turned WFPB a decade ago, I have been making this with date paste. And no compromise on taste. It makes for a light and healthy dinner. I have always enjoyed these dishes. Many friends also inform me that this is also make for Maha Shivarathri – a festival dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. Do try this very simple, but satisfying dish.

Paruppu Kanji (& Vella Dosai)

1 cup split green lentils (moong dal, paasi parupu)
1 1/2 cups date paste
3 cups water
Heat a wok and add the lentils
Roast till it begins to change colour and a nice aroma emanates
Transfer to a saucepan and add just enough water to cover the lentils
Boil till the lentils are really soft (add more water as necessary)
When the lentils are really soft, remove from flame and mash well
Set aside
Add the date paste to a vessel and set to boil
When it begins to boil, add the mashed lentils
Cook for3-4 minutes
Add more water, if necessary, to get a medium consistency (not too thick or too watery, but capable of being drunk from a glass)
Serve at room temperature with sweet dosai

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