Carrot Chutney

I have a book with over a hundred chutney recipes. I therefore do not experiment with chutneys often. However, I recently had a lot of carrots lying around. I therefore asked Hari to prepare a carrot chutney for breakfast with my dosa. I never thought that it would be so tasty. It paired excellently with…

Raw Papaya Salad

In days of yore, when I used to travel to at least 2 countries every week, I had occasion to sample dishes from each of these countries. I was always vegetarian, though not vegan in those days. It is only in the past decade that I have adopted a vegan and WFPB diet and lifestyle….

Bharwa Karela (Stuffed Bitter Gourd)

Bitter gourd (also called bitter melon in many parts of the world) tastes exactly as the name suggests – bitter! It was, therefore, not one of my favourite vegetables in my formative years. I evolved from active dislike, to stoic acceptance to real appreciation, as I became older. I suppose it a question of training…

Jackfruit Curry

I am quite a fan of jackfruit. But I have only had it cooked as a dry dish. Most often, as a thoran. Sometimes, a North Indian preparation. There are several types of jackfruits. For thoran, the best results are with elongated, tender jackfruits called idi chakka. This variety is not available in North India…

Gluten-free Gujiya (Dumpling)

Holi is a major festival that was celebrated mainly in India and Nepal. However, it is now celebrated across most parts of the world. It symbolizes good over evil and the arrival of spring. It normally falls on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna (roughly mid-March to mid-April of the Gregorian calendar)….