Aloo Kurkure (Potato Snack)

Though I have lived in Haryana for over 15 years now, I do not know much about the local cuisine. I was bemoaning this fact recently and decided to correct this situation. However, my Haryanvi friends warned me that most local cuisine contained milk and/or ghee and that it will be difficult to ‘veganise’ these…

Kunukku (Lentil Fritters)

Many of the Indin tea-time snacks are deep-fried. When I adopted a WFPB lifestyle several years ago, evening snacks became a real problem since I use no oil. It took quite a bit of experimentation to come up with tasty recipes that are not deep-fried. My air fryer was a real boon in this context….

Baked Aval (Flattened Rice, Poha)

Flattened rice preparations are very popular across the country, especially for breakfast. There are some fascinating recipes using this ingredient. The state of Maharashtra has developed several of these dishes into a fine art. Flattened rice is a very healthy and light ingredient. I tend to use the red rice which makes it even healthier….

Baked Poori (Indian Flatbread)

Poori is a very common and popular Indian flatbread. It is used as an offering to the Gods on many festive occasions in large parts of the country. Even otherwise, it is often prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The invariable accompaniment is a potato curry. In some parts of the country, a sweet dish…