Tofu Bajji (Tofu Pakoras, Fritters)

Fritters are called bajji in South India and pakora in North India. They are a very popular snack, especially during the rainy season. There are several vegetables that can be used in the preparation of pakoras – potato, onion, eggplant, raw banana, okra and even the papad. Paneer (cottage cheesed) is another very popular choice….

Kurukku Kaalan

I wonder why I haven’t posted the kurukku kalan recipe earlier. Possibly because I make this dish only once in a while. But definitely for Vishu (Malayalam New Year) and Onam (Malayali harvest festival).Kurukku means to reduce. Since this recipe was traditionally made with dairy yogurt, the yogurt was reduced by simmering. Hence the name….

Beetroot Kodo Millet String-hoppers

I love string hoppers. I have written about it before. Traditionally, string hoppers are made with white rice. When I started making it at home some years ago, I switched to brown rice – and it was still superb. Last week, I was in the mood for string hoppers – but was wondering how I…

Palakottai Kuzhambu (Jackfruit Seed Curry)

The recipe today is an exotic one. Jackfruit seed curry. I am very fond of jackfruit seeds. But, being based in North India, it is very difficult to find them. I had an elderly lady who used to supply me this every week. Since the Covid lockdowns began in February 2020, I have not seen…

Roasted Makhana (Foxnuts)

I had heard about foxnuts, but never paid serious attention. Until a participant brought over curried foxnut for a potluck at my home. It was the best tasting dish of all the dishes at the potluck. It is then that I resolved to try out this wonderful ingredient. So, I bought some foxnuts and tried…

Chettinad Kara Kuzhambu (Tamarind Based Curry)

I have tried several times to describe the magic of kara kuzhambu (tamarind based curry) – but have never been successful. That’s because the taste of kuzhambu is really unique. It lifts the spirit up. It transports you to a different plane altogether. We made this simple kara kuzhambu (there are several of these) yesterday….