Kollu Dosai (Horsegram Crepes)

Horse gram is often classified as a superfood. It has several health benefits. It is anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-hyperglycemic, amongst several other benefits. It contains 3x more calories than chicken, 2x more protein than eggs, 10x more calcium than dairy milk and 1x more phosporous than soy. Sadly, it is not widely used even in India where it is available abundantly. The only two regions that I am aware of that consume this superfood are Uttarakhand and Kerala. I love horsegram and it is used regularly in my kitchen – with preparations from both the states of Uttarakhand and Kerala. As a dal, in curries, etc. But I was surprised to see a recipe for horsegram as a crepe (dosa) in one of my food groups by Lakashmi Saravana Kumar. Wasting no time, I tried it out for breakfast on Christmas morning. And what a breakfast it was!

Kollu, Kulthi Dal, Horsegram
Kollu Dosai

1 cup brown rice (or red rice)
1 cup horsegram
5 dried red chilis
4 cloves garlic, crushed
8-10 shallots (or 1 big onion)
1 cup water
Salt to taste
Rinse the horsegram and rice well
Soak together with red chilis, for 10 hours
Grind the soaked rice and horsegram (using the water it was soaked in), adding onions and garlic
Place the ground mixture in a warm place, overnight – to ferment
The next morning, mix the fermented mixture and adjust water
The final mixture should be of pouring consistency
Heat a griddle
Rub the griddle with the flat surface a halved onion or potato
Pour a ladle of the mixture in the centre
Slowly spread the mixture outwards using the back of the ladle
It should be of about 6″ in diameter
Cook for about a minute
Flip it over and cook the other side
Once both sides are done, transfer to a casserole
Rub the griddle again
Repeat for the remaining mixture
Serve hot with sambar and/or chutney of your choice

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