Stuffed Capsicum Salad

I began exploring different kinds of salads only from April this year. When I turned vegan a decade ago, I was advised to have a salad with every meal. So, I developed a set of about 10 different kinds of salads – and rotated them regularly. To the point where I began to actively dislike salads. My portions became smaller as time went by – because I was bored with the same set of salads. And my blood sugar began to slowly rise. My vegan doctor then told me that salads should form about half my meal, for both lunch and dinner. That’s when a serious experimentation with salads began. I began to enjoy the discovery and preparation of salads – and began to fall in love with them. Today, my blog has a wide variety of salads and I enjoy all of them. In fact, I look forward to the salad with each meal. This stuffed capsicum (bell pepper) salad is one of the more exciting ones. I thoroughly enjoyed it and intend to repeat it – but not to the point of boredom. All credit to India’s culinary legend, Ms. Tarla Dalal.

Stuffed Capsicum Salad

2 medium sized capsicum
3/4 cup fresh vegan yogurt
3/4 cup grated cucumber
1/4 cup whole wheat pasta (cooked and chopped) – I used macaroni
1 tsp finely chopped green chilis
2 tbsp finely chopped yellow capsicum, for garnish
Salt to taste
Cut the capsicum into half, scoop out the centres, deseed and discard
Set aside the capsicum shells
Boil a pan of water and add the capsicum shells
Cook on medium heat for 10 minutes
Drain and set aside
Combine the cucumber, yogurt, pasta, green chilis and salt in a deep bowl
Mix well
Divide this filling into 4 equal portions
Stuff each capsicum shell with this stuffing
Garnish with yellow capsicum
Serve immediately

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