Russian Salad (Modified)

I have heard of Russian salad, but it has never been top-of-mind. It always sat on the edges of my memory. As my experiments with salads continued, this salad popped up in my mind. What a happy happenstance – it was a delightful recipe. Of course, I modified it using vegetables that I had on hand. And avoided the cream – so, strictly it is not Russian salad. But it came pretty close. The beauty is that it takes no time to prepare at all – except for the cutting and chopping. And that, in many instances, can be therapeutic.
The last time I had this salad was in my youth, while I was still in college in Chennai. Several continental restaurants used to serve this salad. And I used to love it – though I was not a vegan then (almost 50 years ago). So it was a double pleasure for me to re-discover this salad!

Russian Salad

2 cups chopped and parboiled vegetables (carrot, French beans, potato and green peas)
I did not use green peas as it is not in season in North India
1/2 cup vegan mayonnaise
Salt to taste
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl
Mix well
Refrigerate for at least an hour
Serve chilled

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