Bengali Potol Bhaja (Pointed Gourd Stir Fry)

I have often mentioned that I used to avoid pointed gourd like the plague, in years of yore. Until Hari arrived and made a dish using this vegetable. Since then, I have transformed into an ardent fan of this humble gourd that is abundantly available in summer. This vegetable is not much used in South Indian cuisine – therefore, I have no childhood memories of it. Frankly, for me, it is an acquired taste. And how I love it.
Recently, Hari made this vegetable is a very simple style. Lip-smacking good. Traditionally deep-fried, this air-fried version is also to die for!

Bengali Potol Bhaja

250 gms pointed gourd (parwal, potol)
1 tsp turmeric powder (hall
Wash and pat dry to pointed gourd well
Cut into large cubes (you can also cut it length-wise)
Add salt and turmeric powder is a bowl the pointed gourd
Rub this mixture generously all over the gourd
Transfer to the air-fryer and ‘fry’ for 10 minutes
Heat a wok and add a half cup of water
Add the air-fried gourd and cook till dry
Transfer to a serving bowl
Serve with steamed red/brown rice

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