Hash Browns

Hash browns is not something that I would ordinarily make. My friend, Shuba Hariharan, had posted a very unusual lunch menu with hash browns included. So I decided to replicate her menu. It turned out very well, especially the hash browns. I am immensely gratified that several people asked me for the recipe. It is my pleasure to present this oil-free version of this wonderful preparation. I hope everyone who reads this post will enjoy it as much as I did.

Hash Browns

3 large potatoes, boiled
Salt to taste
1 tsp black pepper powder
Boil the potatoes till they are done, but firm

Cool and grate the potatoes
Add salt and pepper powder
Mix well with a fork
Take a bit of the potato mixture and pat it into any shape of your choice
Repeat for all the remaining potato mixture
Roast on a girdle till the potatoes are browned, flipping over frequently
Serve hot, as it is or with your favourite dishes

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