Barwan Lal Mirch Achar (Red Jalapeno Pickle)

After I turned WFPB, one of the things that I most missed was my pickles. Most Indian pickles use a generous amount of oil as a preservative. One of the few oil-free pickles is made from lemon. I therefore was eating only lemon pickles for some years – till I got really sick of them. It was then that I began experimenting with other pickles, using various other ingredients as preservatives. All of them turned out perfectly and the shelf-life was also a few months. Since then, I have been making my own oil-free pickles. This red jalapeno is one of my favourites. I often have this for breakfast with a stuffed parantha (Indian flat bread) and raita (yogurt based salad). Really filling and delightful!

Barwan Lal Mirch Achar (Red Jalapeno Pickle)

500 gms red jalapenos, washed and dried completely
4 tbsp fennel seeds (saunf, perunjeeragam)
1 tbsp fenugreek seeds (methi dhana, venthiyam)
1 tbsp cumin seeds (sabut jeera, jeeragam)
1 tbsp black pepper (kali mirch, kurumilagu)
2 tbsp coriander seeds (sabut dhania, kothamalli varai)
1 tsp turmeric powder (haldi powder, manjal podi)
2 tsp red chilli powder
2 pinches asafoetida (hing, perunkayam)
10 tbsp mustard powder (sarson powder, kadugu podi)
4 tbsp salt
Juice of 200 gms of lemons
Heat a wok and add fennel seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds
Roast till the spices are browned and an aroma begins to emanate
Cool and transfer to a blender
Add black pepper and grind to a coarse consistency
Transfer to a bowl
Add mustard powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida, chilli powder and salt
Add lime juice and mix everything well
Set aside
Slit the jalapenos in the centre, lengthwise
Fill powder (masala) into the jalapeno
Repeat for all the jalapenos
Place covered in the sun for 3-4 days
Consume with your favourite foods

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