Varagu Dosai (Kodo Millet Crepe)

I often have millets as part of my diet. My personal favourite is kodo millet, but I love all the other millets too. One of the things that I really miss, after adopting a WFPB diet, is rava (semolina) dosa (crepe). I have tried several substitutes for rava, but it is not quite the same taste. The millet dosa, however, comes quite close. This is an instant dosa and needs no fermentation. I paired it with a Kerala coconut chutney – divine!

1/2 cup millet flour (you can use any millet; I used kodo)
1/4 cup rice flour (I used brown rice flour)
1 onion, chopped fine
1 tbsp of finely chopped curry leaves
1 green chilli, chopped fine
Salt to taste
3/4 – 1 cup water
If you are using millet flour, skip this step
Otherwise, roast the millet lightly and grind it to a fine flour
Add the millet flour, rice flour, onion, curry leaves, green chilli an salt to a mixing bowl
Mix well
Then add water, a little at a time
Mix well so that there are no lumps
The batter should be runny and not thick
Heat a girdle and
Pour a ladle of the batter in a circular formation, starting from the edges of the girdle moving gradually to the centre
Ensure that the batter is not thick on any part of the dosa
Cook till the bottom of the dosa is golden brown
Flip over and cook the other side till it is also golden brown
Fold and remove from the girdle to a casserole
Repeat for the remaining batter
Serve hot with sambar and/or chutney

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