Idiaapam (String-hoppers)

I keep mentioning that something or other is my favourite dish! That’s because I have several such dishes. Here is yet another one – string-hoppers. Paired with ishtew (please see the section under breakfast in this blog for the recipe). All in my family love this particular breakfast. When  we were kids in Singapore, my mother used to make this as a special treat on Sundays. We were six siblings. Therefore, to make enough to feed the six of us was an immense task, especially since this could only be made with a special machine, one at a time! We finally arrived at a compromise in the family. We would buy the string-hoppers from Thekka Market (Serangaoon Road) on Saturday evening. My mother would only make the ishtew on Sunday morning. And we would all enjoy our favourite breakfast without too much of slaving!

1 cup red/brown rice flour
2 cups water
Salt to taste
Heat a wok and roast the rice flour for a couple of minutes
Set aside
Heat a vessel, add salt and water
Bring to a boil and slowly add rice flour
Keep mixing for about a minute till the flour becomes a paste
Set aside to cool
Make small balls of this paste and and to the idiaapam maker
Press (or rotate, depending upon the machine that you have) to make the string-hopper
Repeat for the rest of the paste
Transfer to a steamer
Steam for 5 minutes
Remove to a casserole
Serve hot with vegetable stew (ishtew)

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