Thakkali Sadam (Tomato Rice)

As I mentioned before, a number of flavoured rice are made for the festival of Aadi Perukku. This festival falls on the 18th. day of the month of the Tamizh month Aadi (July-August). This festival is supposed to revere water for its properties of sustaining life on earth. But many of these flavoured rice are also made on days when one feels lazy to cook. They are very easy to prepare and taste wonderful. My post today is tomato rice.

1 cup brown basmati rice (I used normal brown rice)
4 ripe, juicy tomatoes
2 medium sized onions, chopped (optional)
2 green chillies, slit
1 tsp ginger-garlic paste (optional)
1 tsp chilli powder
1-2 tsp coriander powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
For The Seasoning
1/4 tsp mustard seeds (sarson, kadugu)
A pinch of asafoetida (hing, perunkayam)
1 sprig curry leaves
Soak the rice for 20 minutes
Drain the water, add 2 cup of hot water and cook till soft
Set aside
Juice the tomatoes in a blender
Set aside
Heat a large wok
Add all the ingredients mentioned under seasoning
When the mustard seeds begin to splutter, add the onions (if using)
Saute till translucent
Add green chillies and ginger-garlic paste (if using)
Saute for a couple of minutes
Add the tomato juice, chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt
Cook for about 5 minutes
Add the cooked rice and mix well
Serve hot with papadam, crisps and/or raita

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  1. one of my fav south indian food


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